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  10th hole

This match and it's video taped version, was golf's great bootleg prize for 30 years because Ben Hogan persisted in being, well, Ben Hogan. He refused to sign a release allowing his epic "Shell's Wonderful World of Golf" television match against Sam Snead to be reshown, so the 1960s show became an underground classic.

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The city of Houston rises from topography as flat as a skillet. The pancake-flat terrain of the Houston Country Club had been molded and shaped into dipping swales, doglegs, and elevated greens by the individualistic endeavors of its designer, Robert Trent Jones. The holes are extremely long, the greens mammoth.

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  12th hole

When this video was shot, Hogan was basically putting the finishing touches on his career, yet would still particpate in majors and some charity events till the end of the 60's. Snead however would continue to play the circut, and would be instrumental in developing the Seniors circut we see today.

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Prior to this event, Snead had held a 3-0 series edge in tour playoffs, including the famous win at the 1954 Masters. On this Match, Hogan was determined to change past history, hitting 18 fairways and 18 greens.

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  13th hole

A founding member of the Senior Tour, Sam continued winning even into the 1980's. His record is only part of what makes him legendary. With one of the most admired and natural golf swings the game has ever seen and an easy-going attitude to match, Sam Snead is undoubtedly one of golf's greatest players.

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To his first tour win in 1937 Sam Snead added more than 100 additional worldwide victories over the next four decades.

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  14th hole

Once considered by many to be the best golfer of all time, Ben Hogan is probably best remembered for his diligent work ethic and search for perfection. Driven by the desire to win, Hogan's first tour victory came in 1940. From 1946-48 he won 32 times, including three major titles.

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