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  About Swing Videos / Animations

Within (5 seconds) to (10 seconds) Swing Videos / Animations will start to move. Depending on the computer and it's connection speed, it may be faster or slower to "load" the videos or animations. Once the page is done loading, you will find that jumping around from swing to swing, section to section will be fairly quick no matter what your machine make-up might be.

Remember however, 5 seconds to 10 seconds in normal time is not very long, but waiting while on a computer/phone/tablet will seem longer.

or .. Maybe not...

All animated swings however, (above) run over and over. Show really good on all PHONES or TABLETS. I personally like just viewing the repetition of swings that the animations do so well.

There might be different "loading" looks such as first swinging real slow, then speeding up, or half swing then going into full motion. They all will eventually start to swing well.

You'll find that if you want to go back-and-forth from one animation page to another, the animations will load for you a little quicker after the first couple times.With today's machine speeds, there might not be any delay!

note: A word about looking at golf swings either still or moving.
Realize that;

(1) We usually don't know what kind of shot the player was trying to hit. Was it a left to right-(fade for right-handers), right to left-(draw for right- handers), how much did this shot require? What about wind conditions? Etc. etc.
(2) Where was the camera angle set at, if at all?

Elements like these can affect where the hands and arms and thus the body, are positioned by the subconscious during the swing.
So, those of you that are looking for the one-and-only correct position, you probably won't find it because of the factors noted above.

Instead, study the areas that might have been discussed in a lesson, or your own curiosity's.
See the similarities and/or differences of different players.There is NO ONE way to make the ball behave, we are all different human beings after-all.

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