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  Z-Action Swings_F

Rickie Fowler
_PGA Tour

Nick Faldo

Jim Furyk
_ PGA Tour

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  about Watching Repeater Swings

  • Don’t look for a “position”, look at in a general Sybervision ** way. Look for similarities and/or differences of areas that may be of interest to you like:
    swing shapes, set-up/address looks, impact areas, swing motions, swing finishes ,etc.
    If your Pro/PGA instructor/me talks about how your arms should swing, look at how a certain player does it and how another may do it. The Tour Pros have wonderful hand-eye-coordination AND they are expert Manipulators of Impact. Your general visualization is more important than some magic position.

  • Understand that different camera angles can make certain positions “appear” a certain way, but are not what you might think you see because of the different angles the video could have been shot at.
    As an example, a camera set for a down-the-target- line will give a position one look, a camera angle down-body-line will give a different look, higher or lower will show another look.
    Video is a great teaching/communication tool, but only within the context of learning a feel that is individual, which is to say …yours.

  • We usually don’t know what kind of shot the players were trying to hit, which can affect its “look”. If the shot the player was trying to produce had a left- to- right shape, or right- to- left shape, that factor could easily affect the player’s different set-ups, hand/arm swing shapes.

    Some swings are taken on a driving range while others are on a golf course during play. The better players, (which all Tour Professionals have to be), always try to hit shots to targets and with some sort of shape to the ball’s flight. That requires “feel” adjustments, which could easily change a look of a swing at that time.

    The Loading Period:

    • The swings “Loading” may take a few seconds to load.

    • If you just can't wait, no big deal, the swing may jump and stall a little at first, but will eventually run smoothly when fully loaded. You will find the next time you view this page, whether going back and forth today or the next day, month, etc. the swings will appear and load MUCH quicker.

      ** SyberVision or CyberVision has been referred to as Muscle Memory Programming, or as often referred to as“Repititous Sensory Stimulation”. Some would say SyberVision could be used as a “dramatic improvement in the quality and consistency of a player”. Basically, a theory based on viewing enough times and you will do it.

  Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler
height- 5', 9"
weight-150 lbs
birthday 12/13/1988

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

"All you can do is really the prep work and make sure you're ready to hit each golf shot. Outside of that, you're not sure really what's going to happen. It's a funny game, but I think that's why I love it. You never know, one day to the next; you could go shoot 62, and the next day you're going to shoot 78, and you can't predict it."

--Rickie Fowler

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

"It's harder to score well in a slow round. The tendency is to overthink shots while you're waiting and become mentally exhausted.
Instead, chat with your playing partners about anything but golf. Concentrate on each shot for no more than a minute. You'll stay fresh."

"In my case, I was placing extreme pressure on my lower spine from rotating my hips too much. This is a common cause of bad backs - and bad shots - for golfers of all levels. In addition to resting, I worked with my trainer, Joey Diovisalvi, on strengthening the weaker lower-body muscles that contributed to my overactive hips and back pain."

--Rickie Fowler

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

Makes my back hurt just by looking at Ricki's. This was before he started working with Butch Harmon PGA. Quite a differance from today Rickie."

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  Nick Faldo

Nick Faldo
height- 6', 3"
weight-195 lbs
birthday 7/18/1957

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

"I asked my wife, Gill, if she wanted a Versace dress, diamonds, or pearls as a present and she said no. When I asked her what she did want, she said: 'A divorce,'but I told her I wasn't planning to spend that much."

--Nick Faldo

"Whether you hit the ball slowly, soft, or hard, everyone needs tempo....
Tempo is the glue that sticks all elements of the golf swing together."

--Nick Faldo

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

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  Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk
height- 6', 2"
weight-185 lbs
birthday 5/12/1970

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

Jim Furyk has probably one of the “most referred to” swings. When I often explain there is no one and only way to swing, I usually get a response like “Yeah, look at Jim Furyk’s swing!”
Mostly because he is such good golfer with a rather unusual motion.

Actually, his shoulder angle through the hitting zone is one of the reasons how his swing works so well.

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

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