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Bobby Locke

Nancy Lopez

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  About watching Repeater Swings

  • Don’t look for a “position”, look at in a general Sybervision ** way. Look for similarities and/or differences of areas that may be of interest to you like:
    swing shapes, set-up/address looks, impact areas, swing motions, swing finishes ,etc.

    As an example, if your Pro/PGA instructor talks about how your arms should swing, look at how a certain player does it and how another may do it. Keep in mind, the Tour Pros have wonderful hand-eye-coordination and thus they are expert Manipulators of Impact.
    Your general visualization is more important than some magic position.

  • Different camera angles can make certain positions “appear” a certain way, but are not what you might think you see because of the different angles the video could have been shot at.

    Video is a great learning tool, but only within the context of learning a "feel" that is individual, which is to say …yours.

  • Also we usually don’t know what kind of shot the players were trying to hit, which can affect its “look”. If the shot the player was trying to produce had a left- to- right shape, or right- to- left shape, that factor could easily affect the player’s different set-ups, hand/arm swing shapes.

    Some swings are taken on a driving range while others are on a golf course during play. Advanced players have learned to always try to hit shots to targets, with some sort of shape to the ball’s flight. That requires “feel” adjustments, which could easily change a look of a swing at that time.

    The Loading Period:

    • The swings “Loading” may take a few seconds to load.

    • Give the page a full load time. Some swings may appear earlier than others, let them load completely. You will find the next time you view this page, whether going back and forth today or the next day, month, etc. the swings will appear and load MUCH quicker.

      ** SyberVision or CyberVision has been referred to as Muscle Memory Programming, or as often referred to as“Repititous Sensory Stimulation”. Some say SyberVision could be used as a “dramatic improvement in the quality and consistency of a player”.

      Basically, a theory based on viewing enough times, you may feel "your" swing's motions/positions better. You have to SEE before you can DO.

  Bobby Locke

Bobby Locke
height- ?', ?"
weight-? lbs
birthday 11/20/1917
birthplace-Germiston, South Africa

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

During an extended period, stretching from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s, Bobby Locke won well over 50 events worldwide. He was the first golfer ever to win at least one tournament on four different Continents and also one of the few players of the time who won a tournament on both sides of the Atlantic in a single season.

Bobby won the South African Open for the first of NINE times in 1935, playing as an amateur. He played in his first British Open Championship in 1936, when he was eighteen, and finished as low amateur. He turned professional two years later and was a prolific tournament winner in his native country (South Africa), eventually accumulating 38 wins on the Southern Africa Tour.

His golf career was interrupted by service in the South African Air Force during World War II.

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

Following the end of World War II, Locke successfully resumed his career in South Africa in 1946. He hosted Sam Snead for a series of exhibition matches in South Africa in 1946, winning 12 out of the 16 matches. So impressed was Snead that he suggested that Locke come to the United States and give the PGA Tour a try, advice that Locke quickly followed.

"Old Baggy Pants" and "Muffin Face." "Old Baggy Pants" was Sam Snead’s nickname for Locke, because Locke dressed so often in gray flannel knickers (white shoes, white caps, dress shirts and ties). "Old Muffin Face" was his nickname on the PGA Tour because of his large, round face and unchanging expression on the course.

"Once I have made up my mind as to the line of a putt and how hard I am going to hit it, I never change my mind."
--Bobby Locke

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

Locke was not particularly long from the tee, but placed great emphasis on accuracy in hitting fairways and greens; he employed an extreme right-to-left ball flight shape (one that bordered on a hook) on nearly every full shot.

He putted the same way, a hook stroke to get ball rolling.  And he was considered the best putter of his era. The BEST !

“You drive for show but putt for dough.”
--Bobby Locke

Pictured from left to right:

Ben Hogan, Bobby Locke and Jimmy Demaret

The poker-faced South African might not have been as charismatic as some of his rivals, and his golf tended to be somewhat one dimensional, hitting every shot from right to left, but he was one of the game’s great putters and a dogged competitor whenever he found himself in contention.

“The real success in golf lies in turning three shots into two.”
--Bobby Locke

The South African’s performances in America matched those in The Open. In the late 1940s the US Tour was not the financial magnet it has become nowadays but that did not stop the itinerant Locke sailing westwards in early 1947, immediately after defeating Sam Snead in a series of exhibition matches in his native country, and then winning the Canadian Open and five other events on his way to claiming second place on the money list.

The following year he won twice, posted five second place and had 15 other top-10 finishes while accumulating $22,000, a huge sum in those days. He was also to collect a further two titles at the start of 1949 before the authorities elected to alter their tournament rules to ensure he was NOT eligible to play.

So good,"authorities elected to alter their tournament rules to ensure he was NOT eligible to play".

Bobby Locke could really play golf well !

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  Nancy Lopez

Nancy Lopez
height- 5', 4.5"
weight-130 lbs
birthday 1/6/1957

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

"The simpler I keep things, the better I play."

--Nancy Lopez

"My swing is no uglier than Arnold Palmer's, and it's the same ugly swing every time."

--Nancy Lopez

On being catered to on the Tour:

"When I finally quit, for the first time in my life I am going to unpack everything, get all of my clothes pressed, and put them on hangers."

--Nancy Lopez

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