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Babe Zaharias

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  About watching Repeater swings

  • Don’t look for a “position”, look at in a general Sybervision ** way. Look for similarities and/or differences of areas that may be of interest to you like:
    swing shapes, set-up/address looks, impact areas, swing motions, swing finishes ,etc.

    As an example, if your Pro/PGA instructor talks about how your arms should swing, look at how a certain player does it and how another may do it. Keep in mind, the Tour Pros have wonderful hand-eye-coordination and thus they are expert Manipulators of Impact.
    Your general visualization is more important than some magic position.

  • Different camera angles can make certain positions “appear” a certain way, but are not what you might think you see because of the different angles the video could have been shot at.

    Video is a great learning tool, but only within the context of learning a "feel" that is individual, which is to say …yours.

  • Also we usually don’t know what kind of shot the players were trying to hit, which can affect its “look”. If the shot the player was trying to produce had a left- to- right shape, or right- to- left shape, that factor could easily affect the player’s different set-ups, hand/arm swing shapes.

    Some swings are taken on a driving range while others are on a golf course during play. Advanced players have learned to always try to hit shots to targets, with some sort of shape to the ball’s flight. That requires “feel” adjustments, which could easily change a look of a swing at that time.

    The Loading Period:

    • The swings “Loading” may take a few seconds to load.

    • Give the page a full load time. Some swings may appear earlier than others, let them load completely. You will find the next time you view this page, whether going back and forth today or the next day, month, etc. the swings will appear and load MUCH quicker.

      ** SyberVision or CyberVision has been referred to as Muscle Memory Programming, or as often referred to as“Repititous Sensory Stimulation”. Some say SyberVision could be used as a “dramatic improvement in the quality and consistency of a player”.

      Basically, a theory based on viewing enough times, you may feel "your" swing's motions/positions better. You have to SEE before you can DO.

  Babe Zaharias

A sportswriter once wrote after watching her play:

Above average height but not abnormally tall and of slender build, the “Babe” moved like a ballerina, as thought she did not have a bone in her body.

wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

126 lbs
Beaumont, Texas
US Women's Open Champion 1948, 1950, 1954

US Women’s Amateur 1946

British Ladies 1947


wait-once loaded--swings above never stop

"I just loosen my girdle
and let the ball have it"

--Babe Zaharias

from Mickey Wright LPGA:

IN 1954 , while still an amateur, I was paired the final 36 holes of the U.S. Women's Open with Babe Zaharias. I was 19 and scared out of my boots. Can you imagine suddenly competing against the greatest athlete of all time?
Babe was larger than life, almost like something from another planet. She was coming back from surgery a year earlier for colon cancer but still was phenomenally athletic. Her arms and legs had a muscular quality I had never seen before. She was a showman and completely owned the galleries.
On one hole she called her husband, George, over to shield her while she removed her girdle. I was naive and blushed when she did that, but Babe thought nothing of it. She showed it to the gallery and said, "Just watch me hit it now." She was rough and tumble, competitive, and kind. And my, could she play.
She's often remembered as a long hitter, and maybe it was true before I saw her, but at that U.S. Open it was her short game that stood out. She won that championship by 12 strokes. I finished tied for fourth, 17 strokes back. It seems like such a privilege to have seen her play close-up. Only two years later, she was gone.

"They say golf came easy to me because I was a good athlete, but there's not any girl on the LPGA Tour who worked near as hard as I did in golf. It is the toughest game I ever tackled."

--Babe Zaharias

After looking at her move from back-swing to forward- swing, Sam Snead said "you can see how she will SMASH the ball".

To players practicing before a tournament:

"I don't know why you're practicing so hard to finish second."

Babe won three gold medals in the 1932 Olympics, setting a world record in the low hurdles.

"My main idea in any kind of competition always has been to go out there and cut loose with everything I've got. I've never been afraid to go up against anything. I've always had the confidence that I was capable of winning out."
-- Babe

Babe Ruth

Mildred, called "Baby" in her early years, was always competitive, interested in sports, and eager to play boys' games with her brothers. After hitting five home runs in one baseball game, "Baby" became "Babe" (Babe Ruth was then in his heyday), a nickname that remained with her for the rest of her life.

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